Winter Getaway Checklist

Vacation checklist

Thinking about leaving the Old Line State for a little warm-weather getaway in the coming weeks? Excellent! Just make sure you do these six things to avoid unnecessary winter “surprises” when you get back:

  1. Turn your thermostat down (but NOT off!) – Never turn your heating system completely off when you leave your Maryland home for an extended period. Keep it running in “heat” or “auto” mode, setting temperatures at about 55 degrees or so to prevent pipes from freezing during a sudden cold snap.
  2. Open kitchen cabinets to expose pipes to warm air – Opening your cabinets will allow heated air to reach the non-insulated pipes under your sink.
  3. Unplug appliances – Severe winter weather can bring power outages – and when that power is restored, it often produces surges. By unplugging appliances, you’ll keep them from getting fried or causing a fire. As a bonus, you’ll also cut your energy bills by reducing the energy drawn from “vampire” appliances.
  4. Close the flue on your fireplace – Your flue is like a window, and you wouldn’t leave that open in winter, would you? Close it to keep out cold air and the critters trying to escape from it.
  5. Shut off the main water valve – The best way to prevent frozen pipes is to make sure there’s no water in them to begin with. Open up all your faucets to prevent pressure buildup from the water that remains in your pipe after shutdown.
  6. Call us if you’re an Automatic Delivery customer! – If you’re an Automatic Delivery customer, it’s very important to let us know when you’re leaving home – especially if you’re a snowbird or planning an extended vacation. Remember, the timing of your propane or heating oil delivery is based on an estimate of your past usage (combined with the current weather); if your usage changes considerably (as it would if you were going away for a while), it’s best to let us know so we can adjust your delivery.

Enjoy a worry-free winter vacation! Please contact us today if you’re an Automatic Delivery customer planning a getaway in the coming weeks.