What Color Is Diesel Fuel?

Your diesel’s color tells you a lot about what it’s used for.

diesel supplier Prince George county, md Diesel is an indispensable fuel for a range of Maryland businesses. Vehicle fleets count on it to stay on the road. Farms need it to power generators and equipment. Construction needs diesel fuel for excavation and lifting, and plenty of manufacturing and distribution companies use it to fuel their forklifts.

These are just a few of the standard uses for diesel fuel, but did you know that it comes in multiple colors? As the most trusted fuel retailer in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, Southern Anne Arundel and Southern Prince George’s counties, Q-Dog delivers both clear and red diesel to countless businesses — and we can tell you what color you need!

What do diesel colors mean?

The color of the diesel you purchase indicates whether it is for on-road or off-road use. On-road diesel is undyed, with a color that ranges from clear to yellowish. The diesel that comes out of a service station pump is typically clear. On the other hand, off-road diesel is dyed red.

What’s the difference between on-road and off-road diesel?

There really is no physical difference between the on-road and off-road diesel beyond the fact that the latter is dyed red. They are essentially the same distillate of crude oil. However, undyed road diesel is subject to taxes that make it more expensive than off-road diesel.

Off-road diesel is less pricy, but you cannot use it in a road vehicle like a bus or delivery truck. If you are found to have off-road diesel in the tank of a road vehicle, you will face significant fines.

How is diesel fuel different from heating oil or gasoline?

As you may know, diesel, heating oil and gasoline all come from crude oil, but they are different distillates and function in different ways.

Gasoline is a lighter distillate of crude oil, and it’s much more flammable than diesel. All that gasoline requires to combust in an engine is a spark. It’s also light enough that it will evaporate in the open air.

Diesel, on the other hand, is denser. This is one of the reasons it has a longer shelf life than gasoline (up to a year, compared to gasoline’s three to six months). Diesel is also less flammable in liquid form. A lit match dropped into a bucket of diesel would go out like it was dropped in water. To combust in an engine, diesel fuel must be compressed, making it extremely hot.

Traditional heating oil is virtually identical to off-road diesel. The burner in your home’s oil furnace or boiler must turn the oil into a fine mist to ignite it. Additionally, some of today’s home heating oil incorporates biodiesel made from organic and recycled feedstocks.

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