The Q-Dog Difference

We’re not like other fuel companies — we’re better!

home fuel delivery marylandIf you haven’t been satisfied with other area fuel companies, it’s time to give Q-Dog a try! We’re the happy medium between full-service fuel companies and fuel discounters.

We do one thing: deliver your fuel.

You’re not paying to support an equipment installation and service department, as you would as a customer with full-service fuel companies. That streamlined operation allows us to keep our heating oil and propane prices low without sacrificing quality in our service to you. And, because we’re local, you get responsive, reliable service that no big national fuel company can match.

We’re not like other discounters

There are too many fuel discounters out there who give the term discounter a bad name. They’re often one-person companies, with only one truck (usually a cheap used one) and the owner handling the deliveries as well as the billing and other tasks needed to run the business. If you use heating oil, you can’t be sure about its quality.

These discounters are often here today, gone tomorrow. If you need heating oil or propane delivered right away, will they even be around to answer your call?

Q-Dog stands head and shoulders above those guys. First of all, we’re a family-owned, locally-based business. Our parent company, The Gott Company, has been serving this area for more than 70 years. We have strong relationships with our suppliers, so you know that we’ll always have propane or heating oil for you.

Our team of skilled, courteous delivery drivers are trained to uphold the highest standards for safety. We don’t have just one or two trucks. We have a fleet of them, all bought new in recent years, and well-maintained so that when you need propane or heating oil, we’ll be able to get it to you. We have an office service staff ready to help when you contact us.

Another way we’re different from those other discounters is that they’re almost always Cash on Delivery (COD). That’s your only option. At Q-Dog, we make it easy to manage your fuel supply with the choice of Automatic Delivery or Will-Call Delivery. We also offer same-day and next-day delivery.

You’re also in control of your fuel costs with options like our charge accounts and budget payment plans. No need to write a check when we make a delivery, you can pay your bill online with our secure online account.

Get the best service at the best prices. Become a Q-Dog customer today!