What Is the Temperature of a Propane Flame?

Propane heating equipment offers efficient home comfort.

propane Calvert County, MD Propane is a versatile, clean-burning fuel that can serve a range of crucial home functions. It heats rooms, warms up water, cooks food and dries laundry. Homeowners in Calvert County and across southern Maryland use propane to light up grills and firepits, keep pool water at the ideal temperature and power many other outdoor living products. At Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas, we’re happy to include propane among our delivered fuels. Our team knows this versatile product inside and out.

Have you ever wondered about the temperature of a propane flame and how it affects your daily life? Let’s dig into the heat that propane generates and why it’s a valuable tool for residential heating and beyond.

The Temperature of Propane’s Flame

When your propane combusts efficiently and produces a blue-colored flame, the temperature of the flame is 3,596° F. However, with a yellow or orange flame, the temperature will be closer to 1,832° F. Not only will this deprive you of roughly half the heat, but you’ll also be losing propane gas in the combustion process. If you’re seeing a yellow or orange flame in your propane burner, reach out to a technician for service.

A propane flame and a natural gas flame are roughly the same temperature, but that doesn’t mean that these fuels generate the same amount of heat.

Propane’s Power in Btu’s

One way we measure the power of a heat source is through British Thermal Units or Btu’s. A Btu is the amount of heat energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by 1° F.

Propane is known for its high heat energy content, averaging around 91,452 Btu’s per gallon , or roughly 3,208 Btu’s per cubic foot. This is significant when you compare it to other common energy sources. For instance, electric heating provides only 3,412 Btu’s per kilowatt-hour. Natural gas delivers approximately 1,036 Btu’s per cubic foot, less than half the heat content of a comparable volume of propane.

The Efficiency of Propane Equipment

Today’s home propane equipment harnesses this fuel’s superior heat energy with incredible efficiency. When it comes to keeping your home warm, this efficiency means that heat is delivered where and when it’s needed, regardless of the temperatures outdoors. Propane furnaces or boilers have fuel efficiency ratings that often exceed 90%, meaning they convert nearly all the energy from propane into heat for your home. Propane furnaces can consistently deliver air heated to 140° F.

This efficiency extends to heating water, too. When new and properly sized to your home, a traditional propane water heater can warm up water about twice as fast as an electric unit — and tankless propane water heaters are even more efficient. Additionally, propane dryers have shorter cycles than electric models.

Whatever gas-fired appliance you can think of, propane is an incredibly efficient energy source.

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