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How To Check Your Propane Tank Gauge

Q-Dog helps you ensure you never run out of propane.

checking propane St. Mary's county, md Take a moment and think about all the moments in your day that rely on propane. Depending on the time of year, you could be counting on a propane-fired boiler or furnace so that you can wake up in a comfortable bedroom. Your morning shower would be awfully frigid without a propane water heater, and you need a propane flame on your gas range to fry up eggs and bacon for breakfast. Many families need propane to dry their wet laundry, too.

Then there are home amenities that run on propane, including hearth products, outdoor fire pits and pool heaters. Additionally, many of the households that Q-Dog serves in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, southern Anne Arundel and southern Prince George’s counties have propane-powered backup generators to protect them from all-too-common grid outages.

As you can see, propane is an amazingly adaptable home fuel, which illustrates why it’s so crucial to keep enough propane in your home’s tank. If you let your propane tank run out entirely, a propane technician will need to perform leak and pressure tests before you can receive a fuel delivery and get all these vital systems and appliances back online.

How do I read a propane tank gauge?

If you still contact us every time you need a “will-call” propane delivery, then you need to be able to read your stationary tank’s gauge. It’s typically located under a dome lid on top of the tank. You can lift the lid to read this gauge, which resembles a vehicle’s speedometer. You’ll see numbers from 5 to 95, which indicate the percentage fill of your tank. Be sure to contact us when your tank is about 30 percent full.

Why does my tank gauge never go to 100 percent?

Please note that propane companies only fill aboveground propane tanks to 80 percent. We do this because propane can expand quite a bit when outdoor temperatures rise, and empty space in the tank allows for safe fuel expansion. (Underground tanks can sometimes be filled higher because they are better insulated from heat fluctuations.)

How can I avoid propane run-outs altogether?

While some customers check their tank gauges regularly and call us for individual propane deliveries, many more choose to take advantage of our free automatic delivery option.

With automatic delivery, Q-Dog takes care of planning your propane deliveries. We use your customer order history and incorporate weather patterns for our region. With this data, we can determine how much propane you use each day. When we estimate that your tank is approaching 30 percent, we preemptively schedule a delivery. You don’t need to worry about running out of fuel, and you don’t end up using more propane, either. You only pay us for the fuel that goes into your tank. This is the 100-percent stress-free fuel delivery alternative.

Put propane run-out risks behind you and say hello to complete peace of mind. Contact the Q-Dog team today and get started with automatic delivery.