Q-Dog Delivers More!

We treat our customers right

fuel servicesHere in Southern Maryland, you have a lot of options when it comes to delivery of propane and heating oil to your home and commercial diesel fuels delivery to your business.

That’s why at QDog, our primary objective every day is to make sure our motto of “Promises Kept” is upheld by giving our customers the best, most reliable, and most responsive service. We earn your business with every delivery.

All of our fuel delivery drivers are trained, experienced, and certified so you can be assured that your heating oil, propane, and commercial diesel fuels will be delivered safely and properly.

Our fleet of fuel delivery vehicles is new and well-maintained, to ensure we will be able to make prompt, timely deliveries.

With longstanding relationships with our fuel vendors and multiple company-owned storage facilities and supply terminals, we’ll always have the fuel our customers need.

Thanks to those relationships, our financial stability, and our dedication to high standards of service, our fuels are always of the highest quality.

We have invested in technology like this website so our customers can easily communicate with us, make orders, and pay bills.

Here are more ways that QDog delivers more to our customers.

Competitive and honest pricing

We know how crazy fuel prices are right now. Recently, the price we pay to our vendors for heating oil increased by $1.25 a gallon in one week, and what we pay for propane is up by more than 40 cents a gallon.

Q-Dog believes in transparent, fair pricing for our fuel. It’s why you see the daily prices for heating oil and propane on our website. Because fuel delivery is all we do, we can offer a better price than full-service fuel companies that also do equipment service and more. We are also more reliable than here-today-gone-tomorrow discounters, with our roots in Southern Maryland going back almost 80 years.

Personalized service

While our way of doing business is simple, we don’t skimp when it comes to our service. With QDog, you don’t get one-size-fits-all heating oil and propane delivery!

We give our customers options when it comes to delivery, pricing, and payment.

You can choose between Automatic Delivery and Will-Call for getting your propane or heating oil. Our Automatic Delivery option is by far our most popular, as it makes getting your fuel easy. We use your prior heating oil or propane usage along with current weather conditions to accurately predict when you’ll need a delivery and make that delivery before you run low.

Q-Dog gives you the freedom to personalize how you manage your fuel costs. With our Budget Plan, you can spread your propane and heating oil costs out over 12 even, easy monthly payments. With Auto Pay, your payment is automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card. Your payment is on time, every time.

Whichever payment option you choose, we accept cash, check, credit cards, and EFT drafts.
We also help you save money! Here are the discounts we offer.

  • Automatic Delivery first fill discount of 25 cents per gallon
  • Automatic Delivery discount for all fills after that of 5 cents per gallon
  • Auto Pay discount of 5 cents per gallon
  • EFT Draft discount of 5 cents per gallon
  • New customer referral discount of 10 cents per gallon for one full year for each customer you refer

When it comes to dependable heating oil and propane delivery in Southern Maryland, QDog can’t be beat! Become a customer today.