Propane for Retail Businesses

How groceries, big box stores and other retailers use propane gas.

commercial propane Charles County, MD You may know Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas as the dependable home fuel provider that keeps Southern Maryland families safe and warm in the winter and gas appliances powered all year round. But we also provide propane to countless businesses in our service region.

Our commercial propane clients include some of the retailers that you count on every day, including supermarkets, home stores, convenience stores, drinks retailers and more.

Here are some of the essential roles that propane plays in retail businesses.

Space and water heating

When temperatures plunge during the winter in Charles County, and throughout Southern Maryland, retailers need reliable heat to keep their employees and customers comfortable, their plumbing from freezing over and their sales items in good condition. Propane furnaces and boilers provide robust heat and boast efficiency ratings in the 90-percent range.

Propane also powers efficient water heating systems that generate warm water for utility sinks, employee washrooms and customer bathrooms.

Propane forklifts

Big box retailers and home and garden stores need reliable lifting and moving vehicles to transfer pallets across their huge spaces and onto high shelves. Propane forklifts provide some of the best performance available.

Propane forklifts can typically run for a full shift on one 33-pound propane cylinder. They maintain full power for that whole shift, too. There’s no fade as the propane runs low, so you can count on them to lift heavier loads and mount steeper inclines. Plus, these vehicles don’t need to sit for hours recharging like an electric forklift does. You can swap out propane cylinders in five minutes.

Importantly for many retailers, propane forklifts can run indoors and outdoors. Unlike electric forklifts, they can run outside in rainy conditions. Unlike gasoline and diesel forklifts, they can run indoors safely.

Power generation

Unfortunately, grid blackouts are a fact of life that’s becoming more frequent. When the power grid fails, retail businesses can face some significant issues. Groceries risk losing thousands of dollars’ worth of produce, meat, and frozen food. Garden stores can see young plants wilt. Electronics retailers may have computers and other expensive devices damaged from electrical surges.

Luckily, propane standby generators provide reliable backup power. Propane does not deteriorate in any meaningful way, even if it sits in a tank for months or years. So, the fuel for your propane generator will be ready to go whenever there’s a power outage. Standby generators switch on automatically and can keep the lights and other essential equipment running for an extended period — even if no one’s at your business.

Q-Dog — The Go-To Propane Delivery Company in Southern MD!

At Q-Dog, we proudly deliver premium propane to retailers and other commercial clients in Maryland. We offer FREE Automatic Delivery to customers, so you can be confident that you’ll receive fuel right when you need it. We also set up wireless propane tank monitors for customers to track their fuel levels wherever they are.

To arrange propane delivery service for your retail business, contact the Q-Dog team today.