Q-Dog’s propane services in Southern Maryland can’t be beat



  • 2-120 Tanks: $3.599/gal
  • 1-120 Tank: $3.899/gal

Effective 9/1/19, our new propane delivery pricing policy>

Propane does so much for your Southern Maryland home or business. And Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas is well equipped to provide reliable propane delivery in Calvert, Charles, Prince Georges, and Anne Arundel counties in Maryland.

At home, propane enhances your quality of life in many ways and makes your home comfortable. A propane home heating system keeps your home warm and toasty, even when a nor’easter is brewing outside. It produces plenty of hot water—no matter what style of water heater you have—so enjoying a hot shower in the morning is never a problem.

Propane can make your daily tasks easier and even more fun. Imagine whipping up great meals with propane ranges, cooktops and ovens. It will elevate your cooking by giving you the precise, instant temperature control you just can’t get from electric appliances. Even laundry day is made better as propane clothes dryers are more energy efficient and dry your clothes faster—with fewer wrinkles! You get lower energy bills and less time ironing.

Additionally, a propane generator can help you keep your lights and refrigerator on when the power goes out.

Take propane outside

Your outdoor living is also made better with propane. A propane grill makes everything a breeze—from hosting the big family reunion cookout to quick and easy weeknight dinners. Propane can heat your pool and hot tub, as well as run patio heaters, mosquito traps and outdoor lighting.

Propane is a key part of many Southern Maryland businesses. It’s used by warehouses, factories, restaurants and commercial kitchens, construction companies, greenhouses and farms. It can run forklifts for warehouses and factories, because it is safe to use both indoors and outside.

On the farm, propane helps with everything from irrigation to weed control. It can run commercial mowers for golf courses and landscape companies. Propane can power the construction equipment on your work site. Propane generators help businesses stay open and preserve their inventory and keep operating while protecting valuable equipment, such as servers during a power outage.

The Q-Dog difference

Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas isn’t some fly-by-night company, and we’re more committed to our customers than to corporate policy. We’re part of a third-generation, family-owned business and have been serving Southern Maryland since 1945. In addition to our fuel business, we are also in your neighborhoods with our Fastop convenience stores.

With Q-Dog, you get home propane delivery as well as commercial propane delivery at discount prices, along with our outstanding customer service.

You also have delivery options with Q-Dog. Our FREE Automatic Delivery service means no more having to check the fuel gauge on your tank. We do tank monitoring and schedule a delivery before there is any chance you run out. If you prefer more control over when your propane is delivered, we also offer will-call delivery.

Our flexible pricing includes discounts and rewards, including discounts for Automatic Delivery, with no hidden delivery fees, and rewards when you refer a friend. We are all about transparent pricing.

We also offer propane tanks for your home or business, both underground and aboveground, with affordable delivery and installation.

Ready to take advantage of all that propane can bring to your home or business? Contact Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas today and become a customer!