Diesel Fuels

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Q-Dog is here to power your business

From Annapolis to Scotland, Upper Marlboro to Piney Point, Q-Dog Discount Oil & Gas is the company to count on for diesel fuel delivery in southern Maryland.

Because we’ve been serving the fuel needs of businesses around Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, southern Anne Arundel and southern Prince George’s counties since 1945, we understand the diverse needs of our customers.

There’s a reason our motto is “Promises Kept”—reliability is the foundation of our business.

How do you use diesel?

Diesel does so much for businesses. It powers the trucks that bring goods all around the country, including those items you ordered online that get delivered to your door. Diesel also fuels the garbage trucks that take away your trash and the farm equipment that helps prepare the land to grow the food and deliver it to your table.

Diesel also runs many of the generators that keep essential buildings like hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and rehab centers running safely for their patients. Schools and businesses also use diesel-powered generators to keep the doors open in a power outage, and also power HVAC systems to protect essential equipment like computers and servers.

Some of the businesses Q-Dog’s diesel delivery can serve include:

  • construction companies
  • farms
  • factories
  • delivery and logistics companies
  • moving companies
  • trash haulers
  • hospitals
  • schools and colleges

What Q-Dog offers your business

We understand that diesel fuel can often be the largest expense for your business. We also know that top-quality diesel is essential to keeping your business driving forward.

That’s why Q-Dog is committed to delivering the highest quality ultra low sulfur diesel.

When you open a business account with Q-Dog, you get not only our dependable mobile diesel fuel delivery service but also competitive pricing.

And while we offer great prices on diesel fuel delivery, our delivery service is unmatched. Our experienced drivers are trained regularly and are certified so they can deliver your diesel fuel safely and efficiently, and make sure you have zero downtime because we won’t let you get low on fuel.

Q-Dog’s fleet of fuel delivery trucks is state-of-the-art. We have a digital dispatch system and GPS navigation to ensure you always get prompt deliveries.

When it comes to diesel fuel delivery, Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas is the company to count on in southern Maryland. Contact us today to request a quote.