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Heating Oil, Propane, and Diesel Fuel in Southern Maryland

Q-Dog is the value-priced leader for Southern Maryland for heating oil, propane, diesel fuel and kerosene. With our own fleet of fuel delivery trucks and a team of fully trained and certified drivers, you can rely on Q-Dog to get your fuel to you in a safe and timely manner.

We pride ourselves on a high level of customer satisfaction

We will always go out of our way to ensure that you are pleased with your decision to choose Q-Dog. Place your fuel order with Q-Dog today.

A note about burner service

It is well known throughout the oil and propane industry that in-house service departments operate at a loss. This loss is built into the price charged for fuel. So, whether you actually use the service department or not, you pay an inflated price to offset service department losses. In our effort to be the most economic fuel provider, we have opted to not have an in-house service department.

There are numerous reputable service-only companies in the market place and we are diligently expanding our “Recommended Service Provider” list to offer our customers reliable choices. We’ll keep you posted.