Factors Of Home Heating Oil Use In The Fall And Winter

It’s been a relatively mild start to fall 2020 here in Maryland – good news for homeowners as we spend more time than usual between our four walls.

It’s good news because outdoor temperatures can have a significant impact on the amount of heating oil that your house will use. For example, if the average nightly temperature in your area is 40°F, your 2,500 square foot home might use between 3.5 and 4 gallons of oil per day; if the temperature drops to 15 degrees, that number could double.

How Much Heating Oil Do You Use?

Of course, temperature isn’t the only factor that will influence how much heating oil you need to keep your Maryland home comfortable for your family. Other significant factors include:

  • Home size – The amount of heating oil that your household uses will greatly depend on how big your house is. If you live in a two-bedroom, one-story house, you will use about half the amount of heating oil as the four-bedroom, two story house next door.
  • Home layout and construction – The design and building materials of your home also play a role in how much oil you will use. Thick, concrete walls will help retain heat better than wood frame and plasterboard, for example, lessening the burden on your heating system and reducing the amount of oil you’ll use.
  • Air leaks– Drafts and inadequate insulation will add to the heating load of your space, which will increase the amount of fuel you need to keep things comfortable.
  • Equipment efficiency – The condition and age of your heating equipment will influence how efficiently it uses its fuel, which will impact how much oil you use.
  • Time at home – Turning your thermostat down when no one is home will reduce the amount of fuel you use; the more time and the lower the temperature you allow, the less heating oil you will need.

Ordering Heating Oil In Maryland

Regardless of how you score on the oil use scorecard above, you’ll eventually need to order heating oil in southern Maryland. To help you decide how much to order, we’ve created a handy and easy to use heating oil calculator (there’s also a calculator for propane, if that’s your fuel of choice). Just pick your tank size, select your fuel level, and order away!

For quality heating oil and propane at the best prices in our Maryland service area, trust the pros at Q-Dog. Contact us today for reliable propane and heating oil deliveries in southern Maryland!