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Heating Oil Vs. Bioheat® Fuel

Is organic biofuel really better for the environment and your home?

From politicians and industry leaders to everyday homeowners, people are rightly concerned about the harmful effects of climate change. But how can people take steps in their daily lives to address it?

At Q-Dog, we frequently talk to Charles County and Southern Maryland customers with questions about their home heating fuel. Is it harming the environment? Is it making the air unhealthy to breathe? Could they be doing more to reduce their home’s carbon footprint?

We’re happy to say that heating oil delivery customers already receive some of the most eco-friendly fuel available — Bioheat® fuel. Here’s a primer on what Bioheat fuel is and how it’s different from traditional heating oil.

Bioheat fuel and the environment

Bioheat fuel mixes ultra-low sulfur heating oil with organic biofuel. While all heating oil in Maryland is low sulfur (which is great for air quality), Bioheat fuel is more eco-friendly because it incorporates biofuel, a gallon-for-gallon substitute for petroleum. Biofuel is produced using recycled and organic ingredients. These include:

  • used cooking oil
  • animal fats and tallow
  • inedible corn oil
  • soybean oil
  • algae

Using biofuel instead of petroleum lowers greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent. Your home also releases fewer sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, mercury and particular matter emissions. This improves air quality, reduces acid rain and removes carcinogens from the environment.

The biofuel production process also diverts landfill waste and puts it to good use!

Bioheat fuel and your home budget

All of us know that fuel rates change frequently. This includes heating oil. That said, the price difference between Bioheat fuel and traditional heating oil is minor — generally measured in cents per gallon!

But when considering the financial benefit of Bioheat fuel compared to traditional heating oil, you should consider the savings you can experience on equipment maintenance.

Bioheat fuel and your heating system

To begin with, Bioheat fuel works in oil-fired heating systems without the need for any modifications. It burns far cleaner than traditional heating oil and leaves fewer deposits in your furnace or boiler. Consequently, your heating system will have less wear and tear, require less maintenance, work more efficiently and live longer. All of that translates to extra money in your wallet!

Bioheat fuel and your family’s comfort

Traditional heating oil and Bioheat fuel are both highly effective at heating your living spaces and water. Heating oil has always had a high heating capacity (about 138,690 Btu’s per gallon). Bioheat fuel’s Btu output is similar, resulting in the highest heating power of any other alternative energy. There has been some research indicating that Bioheat blends of 20 percent or higher have a lower Btu output (by a small margin) compared to conventional heating oil. Even so, this lower heat output can be offset by the cost savings from less maintenance.

Are you dissatisfied with your heating oil provider? Get in touch with Q-Dog, and we’ll provide the fuel delivery service you deserve!