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Five ways to upgrade your summer with the power of propane

When it comes to summer fun, propane can be an unsung hero in your Maryland home, operating behind the scenes to make every part of the season better.

Clean, green, versatile propane can help you:

  1. Cook like a pro – Nothing beats cooking outdoors – especially when you’re doing it with the precision temperature control and convenience of a propane gas grill. From a simple portable grills to build-ins, propane offers options for any outdoor space.
  2. Keep mosquitos away – A propane mosquito trap will keep away the buzzing, biting pests without harsh smells or zapping sounds.
  3. Set the mood – Propane fire pits and fire tables are a stunning way to get an evening in front of the fire at the flick of a switch, with no wood-fire set up or cleanup. Propane powered lighting can also leave a great impression on your guests.
  4. Keep swimming – Why have a big, beautiful pool if no one will go in it once the sun sets, or on a cool morning? A propane pool heater will heat your pool more quickly, effectively, and efficiently than a solar model or electric heat pump – which means people will spend more time swimming and less time on the patio.
  5. Make summer last – Propane patio heaters can keep your outdoor space warm well into the fall and remember; they’ll even work when the power goes out!

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