How Manufacturing Businesses Use Commercial Propane

Commercial propane effectively heats your space and powers vital equipment.

commercial propane St. Mary's County, MD Propane provides businesses with a fantastic balance of adaptability, reliability and efficient energy generation. It’s also a predominately U.S.-made fuel that’s in plentiful supply. No wonder so many manufacturers and other industrial ventures depend on propane for their vital functions.

In St. Mary’s County and the rest of our Southern Maryland service region, Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas supplies propane customers with the propane they need. Here are some of the ways that our manufacturing customers use commercial propane.

Propane Heating for Commercial Spaces

Manufacturing processes often require exacting temperatures, and your hardworking employees need a comfortable space to do their work. When it comes to maintaining stable, warm temperatures in large commercial spaces, commercial propane gets the job done.

One gallon of propane can generate a robust 91,452 Btu of heat energy. That’s more than double the heat generation per cubic foot of natural gas. And today’s high-efficiency propane heating systems boast fuel efficiencies as high as 98.5%. You can be confident that virtually all the commercial propane you use is going to its intended purpose — keeping your manufacturing facilities consistently warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

Propane Water Heaters

Any well-functioning manufacturing operation needs a reliable supply of hot water for cleaning and other vital functions. Propane water heaters can manage twice the hot water recovery rate of electric products. With commercial propane, you can guarantee that your workforce has plentiful hot water while keeping your energy consumption low.

Propane Power Generation

We know that electricity interruptions can happen. Inclement weather can disrupt power generation and distribution infrastructure. During periods of high demand, our electrical grid often suffers outages.

But your manufacturing operations don’t need to grind to a halt when your grid power goes out. A propane-powered standby generator offers a fantastic way to keep your lights, HVAC systems and equipment running. These systems connect directly to your propane tanks and come on automatically when needed. And propane has a virtually infinite shelf life, so you can be confident your generators will be ready when you need them.

Material Handling in Manufacturing Businesses

Propane forklifts and other material-handling vehicles can accomplish all the heavy lifting in your manufacturing operation. Propane burns clean, with minimal emissions, so you can generally run these vehicles indoors without impacting air quality. They also can run outdoors, even in the rain. Plus, unlike electrical alternatives, there’s no long recharging process.

Q-Dog Sets Manufacturing Businesses Up with Propane Service.

If your Maryland manufacturing operation needs a regular supply of commercial propane, Q-Dog is the team to call. We can set you up with a commercial-grade propane tank sized to your business needs. Then, we’ll work closely with your team to develop a propane delivery schedule that’s customized for your company. We are always fair and transparent in our pricing, and customers with bulk propane needs get our best price!

When you come to Q-Dog, you’ll never need to worry about paying too much for commercial propane or running out unexpectedly. Contact us today to order fuel.