5 Huge Benefits Of Using Heating Oil

Efficient, eco-friendly and safe to use — oilheat is still a great option!

heating oil Calvert County, MD In Calvert County and throughout our Southern Maryland service region, Q-Dog Quality Discount Oil & Gas has been delivering premium heating oil to households since 1945. A lot has changed in the eight decades since we opened our doors, including several attributes of the fuel we provide.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the extremely high quality of comfort and dependability of heating oil and oil-powered equipment. In fact, they have more advantages than ever before. Here are five benefits of using heating oil in your home.

1. Superior Heating

Heating oil is on top of the heap when it comes to generating heat energy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration has found that one gallon of heating oil can produce a robust 138,500 Btu (British thermal units) of heat! How does that compare with other common heating sources? For that same heat generation, you’d need approximately 134 cubic feet of natural gas or 41 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

2. Highly Efficient Equipment

All that fantastic heat energy isn’t good for much if your heating oil equipment doesn’t use it efficiently. Luckily, today’s oil-fired boilers and furnaces are more efficient than ever, with fuel efficiencies in the 90% range. You can feel confident that you’re receiving the best heating for your home and wasting very little fuel. Oil-heated homes right now use about 500 fewer gallons of heating oil annually than homes in the 1970s!

And the efficiency of heating oil doesn’t end there. You can pair an indirect-fired water heater with a high-efficiency oil-fired boiler and enjoy some of the longest-lasting and lowest-cost hot water possible. This all adds up to a lot of energy savings.

3. Dependable Energy Supply

When you warm your home with heating oil, you have an on-site fuel supply you control. You don’t need to worry about a natural gas utility that is prone to system-wide outages. And having a trustworthy fuel provider like Q-Dog on your side ensures that the heating oil tank is always adequately filled.

4. Better for the Planet

With today’s more eco-friendly heating oil, you don’t need to worry about soot and black smoke. Modern heating oil is ultra-low-sulfur. It contains only 15 ppm (parts per million) of sulfur content. This is much better for air quality, and it lowers wear and tear on your burners, too. This can reduce your maintenance costs.

5. Exceptionally Safe

If you want safe home comfort, heating oil is one of the best ways that you can power your equipment. Heating oil won’t explode in its liquid form, even if you were to drop a lit match into a bucket of it. To make heating oil combust, your burner must vaporize it at temperatures above 140°.

Moreover, today’s heating oil equipment has multiple mechanisms to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. These systems typically have safety mechanisms to shut the equipment down and alert you if they detect a combustion issue.

With Q-Dog as your home fuel partner, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving top-tier heating oil at a fair price. Contact us to schedule a heating oil delivery.