Free Peace of Mind: The Benefits of our Budget Plan

fuel budget plan marylandIt’s probably fair to say that most of us have had our fill of surprises for a while. The good news is that our Budget Plan can help bring some FREE certainty to your life.

If you pay as you go for your propane or heating oil deliveries, you’ve probably experienced an unexpectedly high bill over the years during a prolonged cold snap. With our Budget Plan, those unwelcomed surprises would disappear.

Here’s how it works: we’ll estimate the amount of fuel you’ll use in a year based on your past bills and multiply it by the current market price (which is usually lower during the offseason). We’ll then split that total into 12 equal, affordable payments, with no finance charges or fees for the service. You’ll get the certainty of level monthly payments at no additional cost to you!

Add Automatic Delivery for Even More Stress Relief

Our Budget Plan relieves stress by letting you know how much your fuel will cost well in advance of the billing date. But if you want to make your fuel experience even easier, consider combining it with Automatic Delivery.

With Automatic Delivery, we’ll estimate your fuel delivery date based on a combination of your past use and the current weather, delivering your heating oil or propane when your tank is about one-quarter full. You won’t have to remember to call, and you won’t have to hover over your gas gauge all winter long!

The best part is that, just like our Budget Plan, Automatic Delivery is a FREE service. Actually, it’s even better than free, because you’ll get a 25-cent per gallon discount on your First Fill and a five cent per gallon discount on subsequent fills when you become an Automatic Delivery customer! You’ll also get priority service compared to Will Call customers – a nice benefit in severe Maryland weather.

In unpredictable times, bring certainty to your bill playing by signing up for the Budget Plan from Q-Dog. Contact us to sign up today and get dependable heating oil and propane delivery in Maryland at the lowest price around.