Discover the Many Benefits of Heating Oil

Today’s heating oil is more efficient, safe and clean-burning than ever!

why heating oil maryland If you’re a homeowner who uses heating oil in Calvert, Charles, St. Mary’s, southern Anne Arundel or southern Prince George’s County, you enjoy optimal heating and low emissions. The heating oil you’re using in your home is lightyears removed from the fuel your grandparents used.

Here are four substantial benefits of modern heating oil.

You get a lot of heat and efficiency from your fuel.

Heating oil produces one of the hottest flames of any fuel. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that a single gallon of heating oil generates about 138,500 Btu. That’s more heat production than an equivalent amount of electricity or natural gas. With heating oil, you can more efficiently keep your home warm.

This means that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard, and you don’t have to burn as much fuel to stay comfortable in the winter.

Your family is safe with heating oil.

Heating oil is also exceptionally safe. It is not an explosion risk like natural gas can be. For heating oil to burn, it must be heated to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit and vaporized. This is what your furnace or boiler does to ignite it. In liquid form and at normal temperatures, heating oil will not burn. If you dropped a lit match into a bucket of heating oil, it would go out immediately.

While there is a risk of a costly cleanup if your heating oil tank leaks, modern oil tanks have superior designs and construction that make them virtually leak-proof.

Heating oil is cleaner than ever.

If your image of heating oil is black smoke and soot, you’ll be amazed at the advances this fuel has made. Petroleum-based heating oil has a sulfur content l of only 15 parts per million, down from roughly 4,000. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is much better for air quality.

Today, fuel producers and retailers blend ultra-low sulfur heating oil with biofuel to create Bioheat® fuel. Biofuel is a renewable product made from organic and recycled ingredients like used cooking oil, soybeans, animal fats and algae. This blend significantly reduces heating oil’s carbon, mercury and particulate matter emissions.

Today’s heating oil keeps your equipment running smoothly.

Modern heating oil burns much cleaner than the fuels of years past, which is excellent news for your furnace or boiler. It leaves fewer deposits in your equipment. This reduces wear and tear and extends your system’s life expectancy. It also means you’ll need less frequent burner cleanings and tune-ups.

Need Heating Oil? Q-Dog Has You Covered!

Since 1945, the Q-Dog team has handled the heating oil delivery service that’s kept Maryland homes warm and safe no matter how cold it gets. The oil we deliver has become cleaner and more efficient in that time. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to serving our neighbors in the Free State!

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