Avoid Propane Run-Outs with FREE Automatic Delivery!

Avoid Propane Run-Outs with FREE Automatic Delivery!

automatic oil delivery marylandWe know things can get busy, with school and work and holidays and…well, life.

Sometimes when it’s busy we forget the little things we have to do, like check our propane tank to make sure we have enough to get through a coming cold snap…and sooner or later, we run out.

The good news is you can avoid running out of propane gas with FREE Automatic Propane Delivery from Q-Dog (a service we also offer for our heating oil customers).

Our computers will monitor the weather and estimate when and how much propane you’ll need based on your past usage. We’ll automatically schedule your delivery when you’re about a quarter of a tank full – which means you’ll never have to worry about run-outs again!

Never run out of propane again! Contact Q-Dog today to sign up for FREE Automatic Delivery or Tank Butler service!