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Free Automatic Delivery: Avoid Fuel Run-Outs And Save

automatic delivery maryland

With the amount of time we’re spending at home these days, it’s more important than ever to keep a close eye on how much fuel we’re using (since it’s probably more than usual!).

The problem is that running out of fuel can be a costly and potentially dangerous mistake. Extinguished pilot lots can be a safety hazard, for example, while a keeping a near-empty heating oil tank can cause a build-up of condensation that could speed the growth of sludge-producing, efficiency sapping bacteria in your fuel.

It doesn’t get much better if you use propane gas: an empty propane tank is more prone to rust, which inhibits the rotten egg smell of propane (making leaks more difficult to detect). And, of course, a propane run-out will mean having to contract a professional – at your expense – for a pressure test to restore your service.

The bottom line: Running out of heating oil or propane is something you definitely want to avoid! The good news is you can greatly reduce your chance of running out of propane gas or heating oil with FREE automatic delivery from Q-Dog.

Here’s how it works:

  • Our computers will monitor the weather and estimate when and how much propane or heating oil you’ll need based on your past usage.
  • We’ll automatically schedule a delivery when your tank is about one-quarter full
  • You sit back and never worry about run-outs again – at no charge to you!

Save with automatic delivery discounts

If avoiding a fuel run out isn’t enough incentive, how about cold hard cash (or at least a discount)? Choose automatic delivery and you’ll get these great deals:

  • Fill discount—25 cents per gallon
  • Regular discount (after first fill)—5 cents per gallon

How’s that for a reason to switch to Q-Dog?

Convenient no fee services, plus discounted fuel? It MUST be Q-Dog! Contact us today to sign up for FREE Automatic propane and heating oil delivery in southern MD!