About Us

We’ll be here when you need us; we’ve been keeping that promise since 1945.

Our parent company, The Gott Company, is a third-generation family-owned business. We have been in the fuel distribution business in Southern Maryland since 1945, and we were the first heating oil company in our area to expand into the propane business. We also operate a chain of Fastop Convenience stores and serve numerous dealer locations with their wholesale fuels.

In 2007, the decision was made to sell the home heating oil and propane division our business. At that time, we had been in the business for 63 years.

Since then we have continued to expand the Fastop convenience store, commercial motor fuels and wholesale dealer business.

We have been observing some evolutions in the heating oil and propane industry since our departure.

  • The first is the fact that several additional companies in our area are no longer in business.
  • The second is that this has resulted in fewer options for customers, and the reduced competition equates to higher prices.
  • Another element that drives prices higher is the operation of a burner service department. It is common knowledge in the heating fuel business that in-house service departments lose money. There is only one way to cover this loss and that is to build it into the price of fuel. So, whether you use the service department or not, you are still paying to support it.

We have lived through the entire evolution of the fuel business in our 70+ years. Fifty years ago, it was true that to be successful, you had to offer burner service simply because customers had nowhere else to turn but the fuel company. There were no service companies per-se that they could call if they had a problem. Through the years since, with the prominence of air conditioning, heat pumps, etc., the service industry has become big business. There are numerous reputable, dependable service organizations out there that offer 24-hour service, furnace cleaning, service contracts, etc. Their primary business is providing service. It is not a “necessary evil” or a “cost of doing business” as it is with heating fuel companies. They do it better, more efficiently and cheaper.

Keep in mind when we say cheaper, you may find that the fuel companies’ service rate may be a little lower, but you are more than making up the difference with the premium paid in the fuel price.

The assumption that you have to get your burner service from your heating fuel company will go the way of the horse and buggy and follow the same path as the flip phone. We’re betting on it.

Most discount companies historically have been here today, gone tomorrow and unreliable at best.

A guy buys an old worn-out truck, finds a place to buy some oil, sets a cheap price and sells himself as “in the business.” As soon as he realizes it wasn’t as easy as he thought, has supplier issues or the truck motor blows up, he’s gone and his customers are left hanging.


Q-Dog is a different animal—pun intended. We have made a major investment in this business. We have a brand-new fleet of delivery trucks. We have two existing company-owned storage and supply terminals and a third under construction. We have multiple secure, quality product supply relationships established over our 70+ years in the fuel business. We have the financial stability and staying power to see this through. We have a proven track record of commitment, dependability, and supreme customer service that is second to none. In addition to discount prices, we offer charge accounts, budget payment plans, automatic or will-call delivery, same-day/next-day delivery, cutting-edge website-based transactions and a fully staffed customer care department anxious to help you and answer any questions.

For those interested in burner service, we will be compiling a short list of recommended service providers in each area based on feedback of our customers experience with them.

Q-Dog, Quality Discount Oil and Gas

If we’re not your heating fuel company, you’re paying too much!

John M. Gott, Jr.